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Hey guys! Multi season Master+ player on multiple roles. I speak English and Spanish, and I'm from the U.S :).
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Yone17 10,0 4,06 4,82 3,65 179,41 / game 88,24%
Lissandra11 13,73 5,55 10,18 4,31 191,45 / game 81,82%
Ezreal7 7,71 5,29 4,71 2,35 154,0 / game 42,86%
Jinx5 11,6 4,0 5,8 4,35 184,6 / game 60,0%
Akshan5 15,4 5,4 5,8 3,93 182,6 / game 80,0%
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15 € / h
2 Hour(s)
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30 €
3 000
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Genuine customer feedbacks about akaishi
2 mars 2022
Gold IV to Gold III
10 Straight
10 Straight wins in a row! This booster is my favorite one! And soon i will order coaching from them as well! This my 2nd time ordering from them!
1 mars 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Was Great!
Was Great! The Booster played Back to Back Games with me. Other boosters had me waiting for a long time and I grew bitter about that experience. But this booster was very quick. Also a VERY GOOD PLAYER! ASK them to Play YONE OR JAX!
27 févr. 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
They did
They did great. second time using this service and really like the benefits that I get. Games are enjoyable and easy.
27 févr. 2022
6 Placement matches Unranked
Very good
Very good but also a very chill dude.
26 févr. 2022
6 wins in Bronze I
Very good
Very good quick to complete order does make really good plays
8 nov. 2021
10 Placement matches Unranked
Fucking use
Fucking use this guy. He does insane shit and hard carries. Fuck the other boosters this is the guy!
25 oct. 2021
Gold II to Gold I
He was
He was willing to play even though it was super late and was very nice!
3 oct. 2021
Silver I to Gold IV
Solid performance.
Solid performance. Very professional. Will certainly use again in the future.
3 oct. 2021
3 wins in Gold I
Loved this
Loved this booster super friendly and always hard carries
12 sept. 2021
Gold II to Gold I
friendly and quick
friendly and quick
23 août 2021
2 Normal games
22 août 2021
2 Normal games
31 janv. 2021
Silver III to Gold III
very nice
very nice coach, i see instant improvements
9 janv. 2021
Gold I to Platinum IV
personality easy
personality easy to work with
13 déc. 2020
Gold I to Platinum III
Akaishi is
Akaishi is a really good booster who has great communication and excels at coaching. He is very in depth and goes above and beyond by doing VOD reviews even though he doesn't have to. I would 100% recommend him just because I know that he gets the job done quick and the most effectively. The best trait about him, is that he makes the experience fun!
5 nov. 2020
Gold IV to Platinum IV
Took him
Took him 5 days to get me out of the hole I dug myself in and I was really thankful for that. Communicated with me through the entire process and was always updating me about what he/she was doing the entire time. I highly regard him/her
1 nov. 2020
Gold III to Platinum IV
Akaishi is
Akaishi is the most pog booster. Such a fun and awesome attitude when we duo'd. He completely destroys every1 in my mmr (G3->Plat4) and makes it look easy. Last day of the boosting session we went 12-0 in one session. Such a great experience duoing with Akaishi and I completely recommend him for a duo Q boost partner!
24 oct. 2020
Gold I to Platinum IV
5 oct. 2020
Gold II to Platinum III
Great guy
Great guy to duo with! Helped with vod reviews during poor performing games and pointed out my errors. Strong jungle/mid player and won almost all smite fights when he was jungling
30 sept. 2020
Silver I to Gold III
Very professional
Very professional and friendly guy! Super happy with the boosting experience and would definitely recommend him! Outstanding Yasuo and Riven player, was able to easily help me climb from silver 1 to gold 3 within a few days!
27 sept. 2020
10 games in Silver III
Very chill,
Very chill, respectable player, with lots of knowledge on the game!
25 sept. 2020
Silver I to Gold III
quick and
quick and very helpful
23 sept. 2020
Gold I to Platinum IV
Very professional
Very professional and accommodating to my schedule. Highly recommend!
7 sept. 2020
Silver IV to Silver I
Standup guy,
Standup guy, listens and asks questions to ensure quality.