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Hi ! I'm proplayer and Grandmaster rank Korea i will carry all ranked let me know !.
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booster rating 4,82
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148 reviews
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ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Tristana73 10,48 3,51 4,92 4,39 194,81 / game 86,3%
Sylas39 10,59 4,33 7,87 4,26 147,9 / game 87,18%
Irelia37 8,62 4,0 5,27 3,47 226,7 / game 81,08%
Akali33 7,55 4,18 5,0 3,0 164,42 / game 66,67%
Karma25 4,52 4,12 16,52 5,11 24,6 / game 80,0%
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Coaching duration
10 € / h
2 Hour(s)
Total amount
20 €
2 000
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Genuine customer feedbacks about daudo1608
29 mars 2023
Gold IV to Platinum IV
Very good
Very good job I am very satisfied <3
27 mars 2023
Platinum II to Diamond IV
He went
He went above and beyond in every game. 10/10 would recommend
24 mars 2023
Silver I to Gold II
Performed really
Performed really well, was fun playing with him. Really good, quick and nice guy. would recommend, professional. :)
23 mars 2023
7 wins in Platinum IV
Quality of
Quality of the Booster, was amazing - only complaint, was when I wanted to play a "Normal Game" as a new champion had came out, there was a 10h dodge timer. Which was unfortunate. Also, I had ordered a boost to be done as "Support Prio, and Adc secondary", and after it was completed there were several jungle games.
19 mars 2023
Gold I to Platinum IV
Super quick
Super quick on it. 1 hour at most.
15 mars 2023
7 wins in Platinum IV
Very efficient
Very efficient and fast
15 mars 2023
Gold IV to Platinum IV
He's good
He's good but i didnt want jungle and adc role
8 mars 2023
2 wins in Diamond I
fast and
fast and skilled booster
7 mars 2023
5 wins in Diamond II
very good
very good guy, does an amazing job. went above and beyond and reached my goal for me. recommend to all
4 mars 2023
5 wins in Platinum II
good job
good job
27 févr. 2023
Bronze II to Gold IV
He is
He is very good, and respectful, love to work with him.
27 févr. 2023
6 wins in Diamond IV
Can play
Can play any role very well. Hard carried a lot of my games.
19 févr. 2023
Platinum II to Diamond IV
skilled player
skilled player
17 févr. 2023
10 Placement matches Silver I
very strong player
very strong player
13 févr. 2023
Silver IV to Silver III
Really good
Really good
12 févr. 2023
3 wins in Silver III
A little
A little toxic in team/all chat but overall plays very well. If you don't mind the pinging/chatting, then he's great. Just know he will still expect you to play well also.
8 févr. 2023
1 wins in Silver II
such a
such a good player, 1000 recommend
6 févr. 2023
Platinum IV to Platinum II
kind and
kind and polite! Wish there were more support games though
5 févr. 2023
10 Placement matches Platinum IV
had a
had a 100% winrate through placements in gold plat elo OCE
4 févr. 2023
5 Placement matches Diamond IV
beast player
beast player deff recommend
29 janv. 2023
Platinum I to Diamond IV
20 janv. 2023
Silver I to Gold IV
no complaints
no complaints
16 janv. 2023
Platinum IV to Platinum III
just about soso
just about soso
14 janv. 2023
Gold IV to Platinum IV
Very good,
Very good, always hard carried.