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Hey, im KEGC. Im a full time booster, if im assigned to your order, i'll get on it asap, since i take the boosting service i provide in a professional way. I've been playing League of Legends since season 2, got a lot of knowledge about micro/macro game, pretty experienced in every role. Any questions you may have just mention them, feel free to assign me ur order, i won't get you disappointed! =).
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ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Evelynn122 11,93 2,75 7,48 7,05 75,78 / game 80,33%
Akshan109 10,37 4,16 6,6 4,08 191,52 / game 72,48%
Ahri31 13,29 3,13 7,71 6,71 198,0 / game 80,65%
Graves19 12,32 4,05 8,32 5,09 107,84 / game 94,74%
Cassiopeia19 11,74 3,63 6,89 5,13 185,95 / game 94,74%
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Coaching duration
50 € / h
2 Hour(s)
Total amount
100 €
10 000
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Genuine customer feedbacks about KEGC
12 sept. 2022
3 wins in Silver I
Quick and
Quick and stomps his laner/jg.
11 sept. 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Solid, amazing
Solid, amazing to watch play.
18 juil. 2022
Diamond IV to Master
good and
good and communicative. great service.
1 juil. 2022
Platinum IV to Platinum III
Fast and friendly
Fast and friendly
22 juin 2022
3 wins in Gold IV
Good game
Good game play. Helpful
8 juin 2022
1 wins in Silver III
very nice
very nice and gg
3 juin 2022
1 wins in Gold IV
very fast
very fast and polite
2 juin 2022
5 Placement matches Unranked
great and fast
great and fast
31 mai 2022
Silver III to Gold I
30 mai 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Great and
Great and fast player. Respected my OTP pick too. :D
28 mai 2022
2 Placement matches Gold IV
Amazing booster! ty
Amazing booster! ty so much!
16 mai 2022
Silver I to Gold III
This player
This player was so good
14 mai 2022
Gold III to Gold II
Im addicted
Im addicted to this booster! hes the best!
14 mai 2022
Gold IV to Gold III
Best booster ever!
Best booster ever!
8 mai 2022
Gold I to Platinum IV
the last
the last booster was quick, the ones before though were really slow
4 mai 2022
Silver III to Gold IV
Top notch.
Top notch.
20 avr. 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
One of
One of the best boosters i ever had!
2 mars 2022
Silver IV to Gold III
Guy was
Guy was amazing Jng
12 févr. 2022
4 wins in Bronze I
Great player,
Great player, Great Person. Was great to work with as well. Completed fast with a 100 percent wr.
7 févr. 2022
Bronze II to Silver IV
Booster was great
Booster was great
6 févr. 2022
Bronze I to Silver IV
Nice booster
Nice booster with super fast service
5 févr. 2022
Gold IV to Gold III
super quick
super quick and great communication
5 févr. 2022
8 Placement matches Unranked
Amazing booster,
Amazing booster, got me placed into smurf queue after quickly completing the boost
1 févr. 2022
2 wins in Silver II
the booster
the booster was really nice and did the job super quick :)