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87 reviews
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Champion Statistics
ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Lulu79 2,7 4,53 17,75 4,51 11,78 / game 79,75%
Nami19 3,37 5,16 18,79 4,3 9,26 / game 84,21%
Malzahar6 3,33 5,5 14,5 3,24 180,67 / game 83,33%
Sylas2 7,5 12,0 9,5 1,42 141,5 / game 0,0%
Caitlyn1 7,0 5,0 13,0 4,0 194,0 / game 100,0%
Ranked Statistics
Coaching duration
15 € / h
2 Hour(s)
Total amount
30 €
3 000
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Genuine customer feedbacks about McCormick
3 févr. 2023
10 Placement matches Master I
Top of
Top of the line, always happy to get him as my booster, he is the best
21 janv. 2023
6 wins in Gold III
The best
The best every time
20 janv. 2023
3 wins in Platinum IV
11 janv. 2023
1 Placement matches Gold II
Very fast
Very fast and friendly booster
1 janv. 2023
1 wins in Gold IV
11 nov. 2022
Gold II to Platinum IV
Well done
Well done
10 nov. 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
Very friendly
Very friendly and professional! Doesn't give up in games, always tries to carry them as much as possible. within a few games we were able to reach diamond from platinum 1.
3 nov. 2022
Promotion from Diamond I
The best
The best support booster on this site. Extremely communicative, friendly, and professional. I highly recommend if you're looking for enchanter supports to be played. Will be coming back for more. McCormick is awesome <3
3 nov. 2022
2 wins in Diamond I
Amazing as
Amazing as always, thank you <3
29 oct. 2022
Gold I to Platinum IV
One of
One of the best boosters, fast and really easy to win.
25 oct. 2022
5 wins in Diamond III
This booster
This booster provides the best service possible; highly recommend
24 oct. 2022
2 wins in Diamond III
Amazing job
Amazing job
21 oct. 2022
2 wins in Diamond I
Great booster,
Great booster, fast, friendly, and communicative. Highly recommend :)
2 oct. 2022
Platinum II to Diamond IV
outstanding player,
outstanding player, 2v8 every game <3 ^-.-^
1 oct. 2022
Gold II to Platinum IV
very good
very good support, if loss not boosters fault.
30 sept. 2022
Silver III to Gold IV
22 sept. 2022
7 wins in Diamond II
nami king
nami king the rest of the boosters on this site are dogs 2 win order took 50 games
21 sept. 2022
Gold IV to Gold III
Great booster!!
Great booster!!
18 sept. 2022
2 wins in Diamond IV
Fast and
Fast and great booster. Hard carrying as nami support lol.
16 sept. 2022
6 wins in Diamond I
Great experience
Great experience , his performance as a booster is top tier, got my order ready in hours.
10 sept. 2022
Gold I to Platinum IV
Super fun
Super fun to play with. chatted with me a bit over game chat and was really good with his champions. even decided to play bot lane with me for some of the games and we did pretty well! super fast and on time with the times he gives. 10/10!
28 avr. 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
McCormick was
McCormick was great! I had to go through 3 boosters to get to p1 to D4. Each failed but McCormick stepped up to get the job done! Very friendly and very great gameplay!
14 avr. 2022
10 Placement matches Diamond III
Es como
Es como jesucristo ayudando a sus discipulos, un idolo y muy agradable
10 avr. 2022
Gold I to Platinum III
He was
He was very cool!