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Challenger Mid laner and jungler player, always positive, never surrender! Its ok every lose will make you better, never give up on anything on your life. Feel free to request me anytime, im always available, can do mid/jungle/adc with no issues at all! can also so clash orders, tiers, anything works .
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126 reviews
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ChampionTotal gamesKillsDeathsAssistsKDA RatioAVG MinionsWinrate
Sylas45 10,64 3,91 7,62 4,67 170,8 / game 73,33%
Zac40 8,13 2,43 13,73 9,01 170,3 / game 87,5%
Ekko34 10,06 3,06 6,53 5,42 197,76 / game 79,41%
Khazix27 11,59 2,89 6,44 6,24 174,3 / game 74,07%
Graves21 9,0 3,52 6,86 4,5 190,19 / game 80,95%
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Coaching duration
40 € / h
2 Hour(s)
Total amount
80 €
8 000
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Genuine customer feedbacks about Ragnar0k
4 févr. 2023
5 Placement matches Platinum I
He is
He is the best
1 févr. 2023
Platinum II to Diamond IV
Super friendly
Super friendly and fast booster. Plat acc with high diamond mmr (even a game with GMs) and he made it look easy.
29 janv. 2023
Silver II to Silver I
Demasiado bueno
Demasiado bueno , si pudiera ponerle mas estrellas lo haría
28 janv. 2023
Silver III to Gold IV
This man
This man is either some secret otp zac main, or is just some giant zac chad. He never seemed to fall behind on zac and that's something i'll have to learn from watching their vods
22 janv. 2023
10 Placement Matches Platinium IV
He is
He is my go-to guy! 10/10 booster
22 janv. 2023
4 wins in Gold III
21 janv. 2023
2 wins in Silver II
Segunda vez
Segunda vez que lo contrato y es de los mejores que he conocido. Amigable , comunicativo y rápido en el servicio 1000/1000
19 janv. 2023
Gold IV to Gold III
Fast as
Fast as usual. I'm very fond of Ragnar0k. He's the best 🤩🤩
19 janv. 2023
Promotion from Silver I
Awesome! He
Awesome! He even gave me tips about some mechanics.
18 janv. 2023
8 Placement matches Gold II
I loved
I loved his optimism and also the way he performs very well mid with the same champions I main.
17 janv. 2023
Silver IV to Silver II
Si pudiera
Si pudiera poner más estrellas las pondría , 10/10 en el servicio. Muy amable, tranquilo e hizo un rápido servicio ajustándose a mis necesidades :DD
16 janv. 2023
Gold III to Platinum IV
Phenomenal booster!
Phenomenal booster! Quick, friendly and almost TOO efficient!
14 janv. 2023
Silver II to Gold III
he was great
he was great
13 janv. 2023
4 wins in Diamond IV
12 janv. 2023
8 Placement matches Gold IV
Very nice
Very nice and got it done fast
14 nov. 2022
Silver I to Gold IV
Ragnar0k was
Ragnar0k was absolutely wonderful. For the entire time was extremely polite, friendly, and a great person to chat with. Completely made the climb quick, easy, and painless. Would give more than 5 stars if I could especially because they have a lot of doggos.
11 nov. 2022
10 Placement matches Diamond IV
Wonderful person.
Wonderful person.
5 nov. 2022
Gold IV to Platinum IV
amazing service
amazing service
29 oct. 2022
Diamond IV to Diamond III
Quick response,
Quick response, quick completion, no complaints.
28 oct. 2022
2 wins in Diamond IV
Quick and clean!
Quick and clean!
28 oct. 2022
Platinum I to Diamond IV
It was great
It was great
25 oct. 2022
Platinum IV to Diamond IV
He was
He was very fast to complete my order. He got me from Plat 4 to Diamond 4 in just 2 days which is absolutely insane. Very communicative as well and has a great attitude. Definitely recommend if you are looking for a fast booster.
24 oct. 2022
Platinum III to Platinum II
They did
They did well, very nice and friendly. Got the job done and had fun while doing it.
22 oct. 2022
Silver II to Gold IV
At first
At first I was worried regarding my information for boosting but Booster explain they personally done have access to that information. not even 10 minute after information was given Rag Went to work inless then 12 hours i was s2 to g4. He even gave me some pointers reagarding my main. If i come back I will request him specifically and possibly come back for coaching Rag. This dude 10/10 and was very kind to speak with! Wonderful service!