Loyalty Program

BoostRoyal's loyalty system has arrived and it is ready to award our most loyal customers. Currently, the program consists of four different tiers, offering various cashback amounts. By reaching the threshold of each tier, your BoostRoyal account becomes automatically eligible for these BoostCoin Rewards. The benefits of the loyalty program do not stop there. We made it possible for you to combine the tier based rewards with our already existing coupon code system. By using them at the same time, we provide you with the highest price % reduction and the lowest prices attainable!
Life-Time 3% Cashback in BC
50 EUR spent
or 5 orders
Life-Time 5% Cashback in BC
150 EUR spent
or 10 orders
Life-Time 7% Cashback in BC
300 EUR spent
or 25 orders
Life-Time 10% Cashback in BC
1500 EUR spent
or 100 orders
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